Turf Cares High Quality Fertilizing + Crabgrass +Weed Control Services

Lawn Fertilizing Services

Over time most lawns will lack nutrients from the soil due to runoff, lack of maintenance, poor soil types, etc.  It is best to perform a soil test to obtain a current measure of nutrients in your soil but not always required.  Some lawns in sandy or well drained soils will require more frequent fertilizing to maintain growth and color.  Irrigated lawns also require more feeding due to washing out of nutrients from frequent watering.  Indications of poor nutrients are lack of vigor or slow growth rate along with pale color, frequent infections such as rust diesease and insect infestations.


Most of these turf issues can be dealt with by implementing a seasonal fertilizer schedule using a very high quality product.  The products Turf Care uses are not found in stores and far exceed the performance and endurance of your typical over the counter product like Scotts Turf builder or CIL. We use a turf management grade extended release product not available to the general public.


A typical fertilizer schedule would include 3-5 applications APR thru OCT depending on watering and or rainfall during the scheduled months of application.  Each program is tailored to the individual lawn, so as not to over apply or waste material when it is not required.

For example: There are companies that will fertilize no matter what the weather conditions...even if there is a severe drought or heat wave ongoing.  This is not only a waste of your money but can harm the lawn and leave it open for weeds and insects to move in.  Turf Care will NOT apply fertilizer if these conditions exist and will simply credit you or allocate the un-used portion of the schedule to a later date.



Lawn Crabgrass Control / Prevention Services:

When Crabgrass becomes a problem it can be extremely difficult to eliminate.  A severe infestation can take up to five years to eliminate through the use of pre-emergents and post emergent treatments.  Early spring treatment begins when soil temperatures hit 50 degrees.  It is crucial that the treatment is started prior to this, or it may be too late for the season.  Post emergent spray will only kill existing plants, failing to eliminate the seeding process.  if you should require help with Crabgrass, Turf Care can help.






Lawn Weeds / Broadleaf Weed Control Services:

When a lawn becomes too populated with weeds, this is proper practice to eliminate or control the infestation of broadleaf weeds in the turf area.  A liquid spray  is offered 2-4 times a season as in our program below.







Insect Control  Services:

Often times infestations of Lawn Grubs, Chafer beetles, Chinch Bugs can cause severe damage to turf areas if let go for extended periods.  Turf Care offers inspections for these pests and also offers a liquid spray to control or supress the pests.









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                                 Packages We Offer:


                  2 and 3 payment Installment plans are available.





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